Blackbear Capital Partners LLP is a leading real estate debt brokerage and capital advisory specialist in Europe. We transact across all real estate asset classes and assist our clients in their capital and real estate needs for both debt and equity from acquisitions, refinance, on-going debt and asset management through to the ultimate sales of assets and portfolios. This applies to performing real estate as well as development and distressed assets. Our experience spans the spectrum.

The team behind Blackbear brings a different level of experience to our clients and their transactions as we have worked, from the principal perspective, on every aspect of real estate transactions. We have borrowed, invested, brokered, advised, recapitalized, restructured, sourced, asset managed, sold assets and raised equity for real estate transactions across Europe on deal sizes ranging from €500,000 up through €1.5 billion.

Over the past 10 years the partners behind Blackbear have collectively sourced, lent or invested over €10 billion of real estate debt across Europe. Through our activities, we have reach into almost every lender in Europe across jurisdiction. Blackbear has access to over 100 employees in 11 countries including dedicated legal, asset management and finance teams.

We are an organization that understands a client’s needs as we have been there. We are taking our experience and externalizing what we have done, over and over again, throughout our careers to give our clients a superior service. We view all of our clients as long-term partners for whom we strive to exceed expectations and deliver strong results as we have consistently done for ourselves.


The core of Blackbear is our clients and providing them best-in-class service. By understanding and anticipating the needs and expectations of our clients in combination with our passion to perform our jobs to the highest standards of excellence, we deliver the best possible outcomes for them.

We assemble optimal capital structures catered to the specific needs of the client and particular asset or portfolio through a combination of senior, mezzanine, preferred equity and equity capital. We utilize and offer a proprietary on-line underwriting, asset management, loan management tool through Coyote Digital for both equity and debt investments including loan compliance reporting services.

For lenders and other capital providers, we deliver a superior quality and quantity of information in a clear format that eliminates uncertainty relating to the opportunity at hand.

Our reach and depth of relationships across banks, non-bank lenders and other capital providers range from direct and personal relationships with the Global, European and in-country Heads of businesses through to the local team transacting on specific assignments. This level of relationship not only ensures having the correct eyes focused on an opportunity but a level of trust and deliverability of executable terms. We know this because we have transacted or have worked with most of these capital providers, from the well-known to the lesser-known, during the course or our careers.

We have taken our historical experience from every side of a transaction to make it easier for all of our counterparts to transact with one another on new opportunities. We perform and manage the majority of the heavy lifting to ensure efficiency and clarity between our counterparties.

Blackbear draws upon its partners’ extensive experience and understanding of the entire process to bring unique and unrivalled benefits and results to our clients.



Blackbear Capital Partners LLP 4th Floor The Crane Building 22 Lavington Street London SE1 0NZ